Sometimes I wonder why things happen. I sit on the earth and ponder the mysteries of life and I come to a conclusion. Things happen because they help you build yourself as a person or to teach you something. The “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” thing isn’t true at all. What doesn’t kill you damages you. It changes you. You start to look at the world in a different light, it’s not a very pretty pink light. It’s a dark light. You’ve now been twisted and transformed into a person who had thick walls around your heart and jerks away from the one you love’s hand. This once happy, bright, and bubbly person is now very reserved and scared. Shitty things happen and we can’t do anything about it. But we have to look past the bad things and focus on the light that’s left in the world. The snow on the cold ground early in the morning. The smell of rain on a hot summer afternoon. Or how the light breaks over the trees just before the sun is up. Life is worth living we just have to wade through the bullshit and keep breathing.